Monday, May 31, 2010

From The Mail Bag End of May 2010 Edition

Once again, I've been given a lot of comments, and I must reply. I've managed to have a nice month of movie reviews come down the pipeline, and despite the new ones, it seems that the old ones get more attention. That's fine with me, I post em for people to read.

Right now I'm watching a kung fu movie, as I'm taking a slight break from horror, but rest assured I'll have a new review on Wednesday.

For now, let us all look to the mail bag and see what's up with the comments on the second half of the month of may:

shel7 commented on my post, "The Changeling Review":

I LOVED the changling when I was little but I cant remember it now. I ordered the dvd and want to watch it with some friends - does it have a lot of language? I can't remember why it's rated R.

It's Rated R for gore, and language. I'm not sure if it's rated R for nudity as it's been a while. I do know that the film is long, and has some gruesome deaths. It's a good one to watch, but the pacing is tough.

Anonymous left a comment on my post "Cabin Fever 2 Review":

OMG i can not belive this movie is soo good you have to watch it

I'm assuming this is sarcasm. The movie sucked, and the main reason I wanted to see it was the continuation of the storyline, only to have it not be nearly as good as the first film.

Anonymous left a comment on my post, "Rest Stop 2: Don't Look Back Review":

this was a really bad movie! the first one was good they could have changed the ending to nicole having a dream and waking up and getting into the car with jesse and then the film fastfowards to everything that occured and the film should have cut to nicole screaming ! i love the first movie !

It's true, this film is terrible. I just can't believe I sat through most of it. I'm sick of these terrible straight to dvd movies, but I can't resist seeing them at least once.

That's it for the comments. I thought I had more, but apparently I didn't save them, or they got lost in my inbox.

If you have any suggestions as to what I should review/watch next, please send me a message. I'm always looking for new stuff and old stuff to watch and review. Coming up in the near future is a review of Manhater, followed by a review of some Asian Horror films.

Thanks for the comments, and all the support. I still have no job, and no money, in case anyone was wondering.

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