Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Scary Games

Scary Games

Recently I was introduced to a cool place where you can play free games. I am not much of a gamer these days, because I end up hustling more often than not and can't really "play" online games.

However, I was pleasantly surprised with some of the horror games I found on

I actually spent half of my day yesterday playing games. I haven't had this much fun online in a long time. I used to hate flash too, but man, this is a quality gaming site.

I started with Zombie Terminator, and wow, the gaming mechanics have really improved since the last time I was playing games online. It reminded me of that horror playstation game, Loaded and Re-Loaded, only faster, and easier to control.

Scary Games 2

Scary Games 3

Then I moved onto Zombie Survival Outbreak, and was floored by how good the graphics and motions are. I seriously couldn't believe how fast the game works, and how gorey it is.

Scary Games 4

Scary Games 5

I had a ton of fun playing Purgatorium, a simple point and click game that is as creepy as any playstation or classic pc game I've ever played.

I cannot believe how creepy and good these games are, and how addicting some of them are. Purgatorium especially got creepy with the sounds, and the on screen violence, so subtle, but man, it was good.

I'm always up for a scary movie, but man, this is some cool gaming. Flash has gotten a lot better in recent times, that's for sure. If you want to kill some time and zombies you gotta check out these scary games.

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