Monday, October 26, 2009

Saw VI Review

Saw 6 Poster

Oh and here we go, the sixth installment of Saw. I had high hopes for this one as I was under the impression that this this film series would get sewn up in this edition. I was surprised to see hwo good this one was in comparison to the other sequels, and found it interesting to say the least. It is definitely ranking high on my guilty pleasures list that's for sure.

Saw VI opens up with one of the sickest openings for a saw film. Two people chop body parts off to see who lives, one lives, one dies. It's a sick opening, and definitely forced, consider the gore levels we saw previously in this series.

Here is a trailer for the film Saw VI:

The movie deals with what we are told are the final six Saw victims. The story comes full circle as we see "jigsaw" in flash back format, trying to get health insurance coverage, and seeing how messed up things are. He focuses on everyone involved with the health care company that refused him coverage. So with those victims targeted, the rest of the film makes a good attempt of sewing up the other loose ends.

The film looks, sounds, and moves like a saw sequel. I've always stated that the first film was great, and the sequels were just trying too hard to be that good. They never were, but this one seems to try really hard to return to form, even though it fails a little. The amount of blood shed in this film is incredible, making things harsh for some viewers. However, you must remember you're watching a Saw film.

Saw VI is not going to make you believe in the series, if you're not already interested in the film series. You need to understand that this film isn't cerebral in any sense of the word. There are some plot holes, flash backs and so much more that you'll want to shake your head at. However, six films in, you end up letting it slide most of the time.

Saw VI fails to live up to the original, but who really is thinking about the original film? I know I wasn't, and I liked this one enough to give it a pass. Sure it's not great, sure it has some major plot holes, but overall? I liked it. I thought it was better than the other sequels in the series, and it sewed up the series nicely...assuming this is the end of the Saw series.

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