Wednesday, October 28, 2009

From The Mail Bag Mid October 2009 Edition

Greetings from Moscow, Idaho. I moved here at the beginning of this month and it's been a bit hard adjusting. I still have no job, and out of all the applications I have sent, I've received nothing in return. No call backs, no interviews, and I'm really questioning my manhood. I'm trying to make it, but I'm not sure if I will. I'm trying to avoid moving in with my parents, as I'm married and that's hard...the couch is not forgiving at all.

This month has been terrible for me in terms of horror films. Not only have I been working like crazy to try and get money to make it, I have figured out that I can't watch enough of them to keep the site updated up to now. I have the next few reviews ready in the chamber, and have even picked up a few to watch. I haven't unpacked the last few boxes so that's where I think there's some room for improvement. I'll keep you guys posted, all 2 of you readers out there.

Now without further crap, here's what came through the pipeline in terms of mail, email, and comments:

Anonymous said in regards to my 28 Weeks Later Review:

I could not agree more with you sir. THIS MOVIE SUCKED.

Plainly put, yes, it wasn't like the first. I didn't like it, but it's not as bad as I first thought. It has grown, very little, on me. Thanks for the comment.

bassistforlife08 said in regards to REWIND: Silver Bullet Review:

this movie is amazingly scary. love it :)

There's some great cinematic motions in this film, and it's under appreciated for that. I liked it, and think it's up there with the best werewolf movies.

Panic Attack said this in regards to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 Review:

Definitely my favorite of them all. The humor that's kind of hard to catch in the original is amped up 100 fold. This is Grand Guignol at it's finest. A side note of the first scene, it was originally much tamer, but after a few test screenings, the execs asked for more gore and that's what they got. There's also a scene that Savini talks about in one of his books that describes a UT vs OU tailgate rally, where Leatherface chews through an entire crowd of celebratory UT ended up on the cutting-room floor, but it seems it's on the "gruesome edition", so, SOLD.

I have to get the new "gruesome edition" that sounds rad. The movie is one of my favorites, and I'm contemplating getting the import Japanese movie poster for my living room. The wife loves it, but not so sure she wants it as our main art piece for our living room. Anyways, thanks for the comment, keep em coming!

Anonymous left a comment in regards to my Brainscan Review:

not that i have ever been to this site, but i have stumbled upon this review and feel the need to critique it, lol sorry, ocd i guess...
Your perception of the film is dead on, but as for some facts...
you insinuate the disk is called 'the scariest game in the world' or something to that extent when really, in the movie, that was what the game was referred to, as a discription. The title of the fictional game matches the title of the movie.
" This new imaginary character cajoles the main character and his friend into running around trying to figure out how to stop the cd-rom from taking control of them and the world!"
His friend was really uninvolved w/ any aspect of the plot as far as the game goes, and i feel the obvious sarcastic joke (though funny) wont be so obvious and actually misleading to a reader who hasnt had the privilege of seeing this classic piece of cinema...
Anyway, good review, your opinion of it matches mine, but i couldnt leave w/o pointing those things out... have a good'n

Thanks. I liked the film, don't get me wrong, but it was a little hard to follow and really mustered up a sense of annoyance because of the whole "identity" crisis thing. I hate that in films. THe movie did have a lot of good points, and I recently saw the soundtrack in a record store, so obviously it didn't do so bad. Thanks for the comment, it was a good one.

That's it folks, the end of this months mail bag edition. I'm going to go watch the world series, then watch a few horror movies. I ask everyone reading this to consider buying something from amazon links found on this site. I am unemployed and looking and trying to make ends meet. I could use the help.

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