Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Scare Game Web Series

Hey, all three of you readers out there, believe it or not I'm still sifting through many boxes her in my new home. I'm still unemployed, broke, and losing hope for a brighter future. I wanted to share with you guys a cool new web series that I just got emailed about. This horror/comedy web series has the same kind of production, if not better, than "Midnight Skater" and is better than "Vegas Vampires" so you know it's good. It's free, and you can see the first episode below. Make sure you check this out on a regular basis.

I'll return to review some new reviews sooner than later, I swear.

The first installment of the new horror/ comedy web series that chronicles the adventures of a group of horror enthusiasts. Their lives change drastically when they are thrust into a real horror event.

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