Monday, January 12, 2009

Death Proof Review

I previously reviewed Planet Terror, favorably, due in large part to the fact that it looked and felt like Re-Animator to me. You can read my review of Planet Terror on this very site, here. Death Proof is half of the disappointing Grindhouse film that paired two different idiots making movies into a 4 hour epic event. Ok, so they aren’t idiots, but they didn’t make as much money as they thought, and it once against revived “grindhouse” opinion into proper light.

Death Proof’s formula is simple. The story follows a stunt man who kills women with his car. The car has been modified to protect him and kill the women, as he recklessly goes through crashes.

Here is a trailer for the film Death Proof:

Kurt Russell hasn’t been this good since, Breakdown. Seriously, that movie was awesome, in such a bad way. This film is heavy on the talking, and really sets up the story in a slow manner. I didn’t expect this much talking from the film, but Tarantino once again makes good use to his talking heads method.

The mindless drivel is cut into a good amount of sections, and Tarantino really changes it up so that I don’t hate the film outright. The changes occur in the action sequences of this film. The car and stunts are filmed so well, it’s interesting to note that Tarantino can actually direct action, which is something that I wouldn’t attribute to him at all.

Is Death Proof Scary?: No. This film I wouldn’t categorize as straight laced horror. However, the kill sequence in the first half of the film is somewhat disturbing and delivers a taste of blood. Enough of a taste that it deserves to be in the horror section, and that might be arguable for many.

I’ve seen this film twice, and overall I didn’t really think it deserved to be overly analyzed. There’s the death sequences initially, then there is a revenge theme that fuels the second half of this film, but overall the movie doesn’t really pack the same kind of punch that Planet Terror does. I like this film on its own, but it doesn’t fit into my horror analytical theme that I’m hoping for.

I do like this one though. It looks good. I really like the way this film works on aesthetics and I think the picture quality is high. The acting is above average, and while I prefer seeing Kurt Russell drop some elbows on people in the movie “Breakdown”, this one is not half bad. I like the car, and I like the sequencing of the death scenes, but I don’t like the ending. This movie is a throwback indeed. I liked how it did take me back to the 80’s when my Dad would let me see rated R movies all the time. If you haven’t seen Death Proof, check it out. It’s kind of cool.

And as a little Bonus, here is the poster and trailer for the Kurt Russell film Breakdown.



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  1. Kind of Cool?
    I thought Death Proof Rocked! :-)

    P.S. Breakdown is a great flick as well!

  2. That ending was just too lame for me. Plus there were some wasted moments with random conversation.

  3. WHat do you think of the inverted Quentin Tarantino time theory? That the segment at the end was actually the beginning of Kurt Russell's "driving into women" rampage? In the end of the movie, he is drinking hard for one. At the beginning, he isn't. Some guy was telling me that if you watch it several times, you see all sorts of arguments that can be held in that direction.

    I agree with you though....Russell is a BADASS. I just watched THE THING the other day. BADASS, I said...


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