Monday, July 19, 2010

Contact Review

No, this isn't a review of that sci-fi garbage about aliens that the major studios put out. This is an independent short film that I was forwarded and boy, it has some legs. Sure it's a short film, and sure it's not a major release, but it has enough atmosphere and creepy moments to drive you nuts. That is if you let it.

The film is quite strange, and starts off silent. You get to see an old married couple at a dinner table, and then progress to an odd area where a drug deal is going to happen. The movie feels like an art house film with shots carefully plotted and camera movements slowly revealing the bigger picture.

The film takes a weird turn as two lovers smoke some sort of drugs and become connected and then ripped apart in one of the scariest looking scenes I've seen on film in a long time. Is it all in their heads? What's going on? A drug induced minefield explodes and the noises and nuances of their shared experience flows throughout the film, and you're taken to an odd place.

Then back to the dinner table.

Contact is an odd short film directed by Jeremiah Kipp. It features some slick cinematography and a soundtrack of ambiance that only present a scary piece of footage.

This short film was better than a grand majority of major motion pictures that I've seen in a long time, and it didn't even need 90 minutes. It's quite interesting to watch and if you have a few moments, check it out.

You can check out the film by clicking here, and read up on Jeremiah Kipp here, as well as read something cool about a new film featuring Tom Savini.

Oh and, my review for this was prompted by an email from the Director, and a shout out goes out to him. Thanks for sharing this cool short film, and big props for creating such a scary feature with limited time. I enjoyed it.

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