Wednesday, July 14, 2010

From the Mail Bag Mid July 2010 Edition

We're about the midpoint of the month of July this 2010 and I didn't get nearly as many comments as I think this site should have, but hey, I don't exactly force you guys to reply.

Just a few things before we get to the comments.

Why do horror lists, tea drinkers, and horror blog society website hate me?

I've tried emailing member sites, talking trash, emailing owners and all sorts of things and yet none of them seem to want Scary Film Review to be a part of their websites. Some of the sites they sponsor are completely crappy and full of ads, yet my humble site isn't good enough?

I am thinking of starting my own league of tea drinkers, horror society and random crap and we'll join together to feud with the other idiot websites.


Here are the comments.

willy jerk-off said in regards to my post, "Puppet Master Review":

I want to bugger Dolly Parton (as she was when she was 18, not as she is now obviously). By the way, any of the "Puppet Master" movies chosen completely at random would be better by itself than everything that the British film industry has produced in the last 121 years put together, just another of my occasional reminders to keep you far away from British garbage. OH...DOLLY, OH DOLLY what a babe (the 18 year-old version that is).

Dolly Parton eh? I'm not sure she'd enjoy the buggering, but yes, when she was 18 maybe she'd like some lovin. As for British film, you got to admit Hammer had a few good films, at least 1? I haven't run across a lot of British horror, and no one is really sending me anything from there, except for this Vampire movie I was sent, but the dvd wouldn't play on any of my devices, so it's their loss.

Trick or Treat Pete left a comment in regards to my "Puppet Master Review":

I have a weird fear of marrionettes or basically little dolls that move around on their own like in the Puppet Master film. They give me the heebee-geebee's every time, but I agree, while enjoyable, the Puppet Master films aren't all that scary.

Have you ever seen the movie "Dolls"? Similar type of story, not exact, but similar. Creepy old people with a house full of dolls that are actually alive and don't quite like most visitors.

Great article, thanks for reminding me of the Puppet Master franchise.
Hmmm..."Puppet Master vs. Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood"...I think Lady Elaine would scare the pants off the Puppet Master puppets...all that "Boomerang, toomerang, zoomerang" jazz, then she'd trap them in her "museum-go-round"...I think Lady Elaine is one of the creepiest puppets ever...right up there with "Kookla, Fran, and Olly" *shivers* Great, now I feel like I have to check under my bed for some tiny minion with a knife, like that Zuni doll from Trilogy of Terror 1 & 2.

Dreaded Dreams
Petunia Scareum

I want one of the puppets, it'd be cool. Mr. Roger's Neighborhood vs Puppet Master? I'm buying, and I'm sure the producers might want a crack at that too. We'll see how it all turns out with that, since word on the street is that they're making a new one.

Zuni doll from Trilogy of Terror? What about "Black Devil Doll" now that's a creepy doll.

I have seen the movie Dolls, and I reviewed the movie Dolls for this blog HERE. I liked it, although it wasn't nearly as good as Puppet Master 2, which I'll have to review sooner than later.

Thank you for your insightful comments, and keep em coming!

That's about it for the comments this week, and hopefully there'll be more to come. I'll keep the reviews coming, that's for sure. If you have an extra dime or two, consider patronizing our sponsors, I really need some extra dough, since I have no job and no hope and am battling depression these days.

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