Sunday, August 11, 2013

Vile Review

vile review
I caught Vile and wow, it has to get my award for the most brutal movie that I’ve seen in a long time. The film follows a group of teenagers and twenty something’s that get caught up in a deadly game. Think of another “Saw” clone and you will get close to what this whole film’s premise is. In fact, you could have called this “Saw 9” and no one would’ve noticed, as it is the exact same formula.

However, the taboos that you would normally not see in horror are found here. There is pain and anguish for the sake of it, and there’s severe brutality on women from men. Men beat the holy hell out of the girls here, all in the name of trying to get out the locked room. I can’t get behind that, it’s essentially just torture for the sake of torture, and that’s never been something I liked. It very much makes the story flow, but it’s not worthwhile.

The payoff is convoluted, the traps and the pain and suffering seems far too harsh and doesn’t end up in a means to an end situation for me. In fact, the ending is abrupt and vengeful in the story, but at that point I didn’t care. Vile is seriously twisted, and while it’s really brutal, it’s not worth your time. I tried to like it but it was just trying too hard to be “Saw” without the visuals, acting, and dare I say good plot and twist at the end.

The Conjuring Review

real conjuring
Well it looks like I’m back to the normal job route, and so far, I love my new job and will never go back to freelance writing again. It’s not worth it, even though I did it for a few years. Two weeks ago I saw The Conjuring, thanks to my sister. The movie has been rated really well on every major media site and so I was expecting a very good movie, and well, what I got instead was a lot of drivel, and for that reason I’m surprised that anyone loved it.

The movie follows real life exorcists and paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren. From their case files comes this story of possession, and you know everything that is going to happen. The same thing that happens in EVERY haunting movie from the last few years, happens here in the same exact way. There is NOTHING in this film that is new or unique. Outside of the fact that it may have happened in real life, this is another chapter in the “Paranormal Activity” and “Exorcist” world and it’s just drivel.

While I thought it had moments of weird, and scary times, the majority of the movie did not live up to any of the hype that was given to it by any major critic. It’s for that reason that I do not recommend this movie. It’s not worth it. It had a good opening, and then dwindled into another possession, ghost story.

Visuals in this film had some good notes, the sound design was great, and the credits at the end are well done, but the movie is not worth your time or money.
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