Saturday, January 25, 2014

Scary Film Review and The Number 800

Scary Film started on March 29, 2008. It was birthed in the ashes of “The Mexican DVD Review” and it was created in Seattle, Washington. I was married at the time and I was watching at least 2 movies a day. I thought it would be a great way to write about the things that I loved and perhaps even make some money.

Fast forward to 2014 and I haven’t made a whole lot of money, and interest from my long time readers has waned. Subscription rates are higher, social media fans are higher too, but comments are lower. All in all, it’s been a good ride coming up with 799 posts and now this 800 blog post of non-epic proportions.

What is In Store?

I’ve been searching for writers since December of 2013. It grows tiresome trying to explain what “passion” means. I would figure that my fellow writers out there know what it is to be passionate about something, to the point where you will do it for free. I don’t expect everyone to work for free, but I will say this much; I love horror and writing so much that I would do it for free. I definitely have done it for free since 2008, and would not ask anyone to do something that I am not doing myself, 100% for free.

I write 15 blogs, work full time as a ghost writer, affiliate marketing professional, and am going to school full time to finish my master’s degree. I’m poor in finances, but rich in spirit. Scary Film will always exist as a voice for anyone that is willing to come on board and talk horror, and until the money aspect gets us into a favorable light, there’s just not a lot of funding.

I started this site, and I started all the blogs that I write with $0 in my pocket. I’ve built a name for myself and this site on those ethos. So what’s next? Well, when I finally nail down a few writers, you are going to hear from voices in the industry, and those that have a true love for the genre, acting, and more.

More Reviews

I’m going to be swinging through a LOT more reviews. That’s right, I’m going to be trudging through some insane and not so insane movies. I have a long list of options, and will be trying to wax poetic and going off topic as I usually do.

How You Can Help

If you want to help, you can do me a favor and either sponsor a post by dropping me a comment or email, or you could patronize my sponsors, amazon links, and spread the word about Scary Film. If you can figure out how to drop a comment, do so. I’m always up for reading, writing, and watching whatever it is that you think is cool.

Until Then, This is your pal Sir Jorge, thanking all of you for 800 posts of awesome Scary Goodness.

If nothing else, I will be your host and always be writing, even if there is no money. What good is money anyways? I’ll write for nothing if it means talking about these garbage movies.

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