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6 Revenge Movies You Have To See Again

Revenge. It’s best served cold. I’ve always wanted revenge, especially for certain times in my life that I was completely screwed over. However, I allow vengeance to go by without incident, but that’s not what happens in the movies. When you start to look at cinema, you will find that there are a lot of movies that have one thing in mind, revenge.

In my question to see every single movie possible, I have turned my attention to the notion of getting revenge. It may not be a complete genre, but it’s definitely one of the many branches that connects horror movie and scary film aficionados alike. All my lists are a matter of opinion and if you have a differing one, then by all means voice it. If you have such a strong opinion that you absolutely have to let me have it, then write it out in word, and send it to me. I’ll post it. I don’t mind getting hit hard with a differing opinion, just make sure it’s somewhat good.

The best revenge movies are hard to quantify into a simple list, so instead of trying to make a comprehensive option, here are 5 of the best that I could think of off the top of my head. They run through the horror, science fiction, and thriller categories, so don’t throw stones, and see where your favorite lands on my list.

Scream 4

I can already hear the groans and bemoans from fans. However, go back and watch this one. You’ll find that the revenge plot that is sewn up throughout the first 3 movies gets stabbed in the back in this one. Our dear friend Sidney Prescott (the namesake for my cat), is back after ten years. She goes back to her home town for a book signing and all hell breaks loose. The ultimate revenge may not be as cold blooded as the 1970s torture films, but it’s powerful enough to get you involved. I for one loved it, but only after I saw it twice. Perhaps you need to watch it again, and see Sidney take on a new foe in this nice tie up from Wes Craven.


This French thrill ride is one of the best movies in the category. The revenge for a sexual assault is insanity. Showcased backwards, this movie made a lot of people cringe because of the sexual situation inside a tunnel where the camera doesn’t flinch or turn away. It feels real, it makes your heart pound, and the real married couple did one hell of a job “faking” the most brutal sexual assault on camera. There is no clapping here, so don’t get me wrong. The director, Gaspar Noe filmed the revenge sequence in a way to make theater goers sick and disoriented. It doesn’t work that well on dvd, but it is still a heavy movie to watch.

Old Boy

Chan-wook Park blew me away when I first got a shot at seeing this. With several twists and turns, the movie that seemed like it was on rails, fell apart in the third act. A visual display of sick and twisted iconography, the film flows with a certain poetry that Spike Lee can’t possibly top. It’s a hard hitting example of how you can make cinema that hurts your senses, and causes you to think, “what if” more than it should. It’s hard to top Old Boy, so go watch it. If not for the story, than for the incredible fight choreography that happens in the movie.

Death Proof

Quentin Tarantino sure knows how to pay tribute to everything that made the 1970s cool. Sex, violence, revenge, and fast cars. The way the camera moves here, the dialogue, the framing of feet, breasts, lips, and everything that can be sexualized is done with such a swift manner. It’s that type of tight framing that makes Death Proof one of the better revenge flicks you’re going to want to see again. Kurt Russell is badass in this role, and he creates havoc with that stunt car of his. The ending is a bit odd to some, but it’s that iconic 1970s low budget schlock that made guys like Sid Haig famous.

The Punisher

Tom Jane created an iconic caricature in his portrayal of The Punisher. The movie was exactly what you’d expect from a revenge flick, and it was done right. Even though I think the modern day Ennis run made the character look more like Scott Hall. This brutal take on it may get lukewarm reviews, but it had enough gusto to get on my list. Jane loved the character so much he even did a short called “Dirty Laundry”. Easily one of my favorite Marvel Superheroes, The Punisher is no one you want to mess with.

Nightmare on Elm Street

The time is now for the ultimate revenge horror movie you need to throw into your blu ray player one more time, and that’s A Nightmare on Elm Street. You burned the guy alive, and now he’s coming back and he’s not taking any prisoners. As the series kept moving forward it got more comedic, but the roots of the story was about a pedophile that got his revenge after the community burned the guy. Sick huh? Watch it again for the first time and see how Wes Craven came into an iconic series and made Robert Englund filthy rich.

What about your picks? Get on a computer and leave me a comment, buy a movie via the links, subscribe to the feed, and tell a friend, tell your mom, whatever. Jervaise where you at?

What do you mean I missed some?

Django Unchained, I Spit on Your Grave, Serbian Film, Run Bitch Run, Last House on The Left, Deathwish and so many others are easily going to fit here, but this is my blog so I picked some to talk about today. You pick your own and then link me, I’ll comment. Until next time, go watch some movies.


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