Monday, October 15, 2012

Club Dread (Again) Review

On Friday, September 9, 2011 I reviewed the film Club Dread, and recently I sat down to watch it again, why? Because it was on and I didn’t want to do anything else, and well, I had time. So in the sake of fairness, I wanted to give it one more shot and review it, because things change when you see things a second time.

Club Dread is a comedy horror movie that was produced by the comedy guys known as Broken Lizard. Those idiots brought you “Super Troopers” and while it didn’t set the box office on fire, it definitely has a fan base that is quite large. Well, they would release some stupid crap that flopped and would cause them to sputter out of control and back to Canada (I think they are from Canada), but they did put out a gem of a film, that no one saw called Club Dread.

Not to be confused with Judge Dread, this movie is about a party gone totally wrong. The movie carries a simple plot, as you are introduced to a variety of laughable characters that all have jobs at a resort island where good times are to be had. As the movie goes through some stereotypical horror set up, the body count starts to rise and pretty soon everyone starts blaming one another.

The movie derails midway, but in a good way, ditching most plots for straight up killing and gore. The death sequences are done with a comedic flair so you don’t have to turn away, but instead indulge in the unbelievable moments that would cause someone’s severed head to get stuck on a vinyl record player.

Let’s take a moment to mourn the death of a record player on film.

Ok, the movie picks up speed in the third act where we find out that the obvious choices for the killer are not to be blamed as they get killed off, and a serious tone sits over the movie. Once the island (and the guests) finds out that there is a killer on the loose and panic sets in, everyone starts to abandon and go back home. However, the team members left from the serial killer’s path stay to kick some serious ASS!

The movie looks great, and the jokes get funnier the second time around. There are some great zingers that don’t get enough attention, and fly by so fast that you forget you're watching a horror movie.

My favorite part of this movie is definitely the endings, multiple endings. Well, they are logical conclusions, in which we see the villain revealed, and his death imminent although he comes back again and again and again and a laughable comeback that had me nearly on the floor the second time around.

Club Dread is not going to win any awards from the mainstream media, but if you give it another shot, you’ll find that this fun romp through horror cliché is actually really good and worth your time. I know I now peg it as one of my top 10 horror comedies, even if it does have some moments of absurdity. I highly recommend checking out Club Dread one more time, and seeing if you like it as much as I do.

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    And once (again) Sir Jorge i have to say how much i desperately want to rip that gorgeous birds bikini off and bugger her senseless, but, as i said before, i just wish those other silly and irritating bastards weren`t in the shot with her.


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