Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Monthly Death Toll October 2012

Here I am sitting around at the end of my work day listening to a band named Flanders and am posting this end of the month recap. For those of you that love Halloween, hooray for you! For those of you like me, you'll probably watch something on tv and go to bed early or something.

If you missed anything this month, here are the links, if you caught it all, thanks.

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The winner of the prize has been notified!

Here are the posts from October 2012:

8MM Review

November 2012 is Werewolf Month

Phantoms Review

The Woman In Black Review

Club Dread (Again) Review

More Holiday Movie Madness

More Horror Film Remakes Better Than The Originals...

Cabin in the Woods Review

Scary Movies For Children on Halloween

Holiday Themed Horror Insanity

October 2012 Win the Hellraiser Box Set FREE

Holiday Horror Films

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