Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Shrine Put Me To Sleep

This month starts with a bit of torture porn. Despite the fact that I absolutely hate the term, there’s not much else I can say about the beginning of this film, besides that. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love kink, but the term torture porn is NOT anything to do with the horror genre, and here I am using it to intro this review. I’m a bad writer, that’s for sure. We start this month (a little late, mind you) with a film that most people haven’t seen yet, and more people don’t care about. The movie is titled The Shrine.

This film opens up with a guy getting his head caved in by what appears to be druids. We then flash forward to a newsroom and photographer whom become the crux of the story. A group of friends travel across the world to find out why a journalist is missing, and along the way they find out that there is something sinister going on, and that a shrine/church could be responsible.

The majority of the film is a mix between exorcism movies that have come out recently, and Euro trash films that are made to scare tourists. The movie really takes a lot of liberties with the genres, and at times slows down to a snail pace. By the time the viewer catches up with everything that is going on, it’s gone on too long and you start to realize that there is a role reversal afoot.

The Shrine is not a straightforward horror flick; it has a lot of movements that are dramatic, scary, and not worth watching. I don’t recommend this film at all.

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