Thursday, June 7, 2012

5 Shirts That Will Send You Straight To Hell

When it comes to shirts, you usually have your pick of random things that won’t get you in trouble. But then there is Tshirt Hell. They will give you a shirt that will not only be offensive, it will be so offensive, you run the risk of going straight to hell. Since this website is all about horror and nasty bits, I decided to pick 5 shirts that will send you straight to hell if you wear them, and if you click through, you can buy them! Yeah, and I get like a buck or two, which would be nice because I’m so broke my ears are bleeding. So here you go, 5 shirts that will send you straight to hell.


#5 Suicide Watch – Eating popcorn while someone is about to end it all? There’s nothing more tasteless than this, except maybe an Al Snow match! Ha-ha. Never mind.


#4 Ron Jeremy for President – He’s done it all, and everyone, so why not put him and Paul Giamati in the White House? I’d vote for Ron any day. I’d love to meet and greet and be on set with him, that’s for sure.


#3 Jesus Bong Load – Jesus knows that he (and his father) created cannabis, so here he is offering a bong load to one of his favorite stoner friends. His father made it, and here it is.


#2 Disney on Ice – Do you know what ice is? I didn’t really get it, until I zoomed in and noticed that all the Disney characters were high on crank!


#1 Jesus Returns To Destroy – The Bible does say that if Jesus Comes back, he’s coming back with a vengeance, so here’s a shirt that showcases that. The best thing here is that if you wear it to church, you’re going to get thrown out. Unless they are a cool church like Mars Hill Seattle, now that’s a cool place. I’m sure Mark will just laugh, sigh.

All right jerks, the above 5 shirts will send you straight to hell, and you can buy them via Tshirt Hell online. Remember, if you click through, I get a few cents, so why not help me out and take you and your loved ones straight to heck…hell…whatever.

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