Friday, February 3, 2012

Hostel 3 Review

hostel 3
I’ve been eyeballing this movie for a while every time I visit the video store, or my local retailer, and I finally got it into my grubby hands. This film is a direct sequel to the Hostel movies, and it is the latest to come from the franchise. The trilogy isn’t exactly the most lucrative or praised of film sets, but apparently there was enough interest to film a third one and then try to sell and rent it to idiots like me. The movie takes the club that everyone seems to want to join, in order to torture people, moves to Las Vegas. The setting is sin city and we join up with a group of 20 somethings that are going to find out that they are the hunted in a sick sad world. Hostel 3 is not going to win many awards, and most people won’t even care for the gore, which happens from time to time, amidst sexualized moments from B-movie actresses that needed a pay check of sorts.

The movie is simple enough, a group of friends go to Vegas for a bachelor party, and things get out of hand. No, not just drunkenness but something more, they slowly get trapped into a game of death where only members of a club get to decide the fate of the captives. The way you saw old Hostel movies changes in a great way and you end up seeing a group of people that get to vote, like a game, on what kind of death the trapped will get.

By the time I figured out what was going on in this film, I was bored. The pacing lacks luster, even though the opening sequence is amazing for a straight to dvd film. The movie features some gore, some nudity, and a lot of torture, but I don’t like the way the film just drags through the middle, and right when you think that there can’t be anything worse happening, the movie throws in a subplot about revenge and what not…I hated it.

Hostel 3 is one of the worst straight to dvd sequels I’ve seen and I’ve seen a lot. I admit, I did want to see it because of the cover, and the premise on the back of the box, but I didn’t like the way it played out. You will most likely hate it too, as the pacing and the gore don’t really add up to more than just a cash grab into a series that peaked on the first film. This is a terrible example of how studios cash in on franchises for no apparent reason other than to make a few bucks. If you must, check out this dvd, otherwise, avoid it.


  1. Very well said...

  2. If all you care about is gore than yeah your right, but I guess psycho was garbage then because someone didnt get tortured lol, this was the most dynamic hostel and while not Hitchcockian at all, was tasteful unlike most horror now a days, as in it actually had spice, texture, something young people forgot about with horror, fuck gore, if the acting was better and some scenes more subtle this movie would be great

  3. Anonymous #2, you're wrong. Straight to the point. This film was drivel, and unfortunately a knock of of what was already done in two "Saw" knockoff sequels appropriately titled "Are you scared yet"


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