Saturday, July 2, 2011

Seven Deaths In The Cat's Eye Review

seven deaths

Aw yes, another cool cover gets thrown at me by the horror dvd market, and what happens? I end up missing out on something else, because I believe the tag lines and promotional things on the cover. Seven Deaths In The Cat’s Eye is not fun, it’s a boring romp through a variety of different points. I’ve seen a lot of movies, and this one is probably one of the slowest ones I’ve seen.

In 1973 this movie might have been a good idea, and Antonio Margheriti directed this movie about a small village where a cat controls the deaths of anyone that comes by a castle. The cat haunts the area, killing anybody that moves through the area, and alas, horror movie fans have to watch and wait for the ending. It’s sad, such a cool cover for such a boring movie.

The pacing is slow. The visuals are just substandard, and while I like the music, editing, and idea of the film, it really does leave me with a sense of time wasted. Once again, As it is, another bad movie gets the unroyal treatment here. I understand why this could be in the horror genre, and I understand why it can be seen as a good movie, but I just can’t get behind it. I’ve seen far better from the same decade from the same area (Italy) and dare I say, from the same director. If you can withstand the pacing, you might like this one, otherwise, stay away.

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