Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mad Dog Killer Review

mad dog killer

Beast With A Gun is the original name of this film, and I only saw it because the tag line said, “The Most Violence You Can Shove into 90 Minutes possible”. I wrestled with this film, and even was talked out of it by a video store clerk last week, but it turns out this one is worth checking out. It’s often found called The Mad Dog Killer and it is quite interesting, although less horrific as the movie and plot unfold.

The basis of the film is simple, four killers escape from prison and go on a crime spree of murder, rape and more. The rape seen is odd, awkward, and hits you hard up front, like many other exploitation films from 1970’s. However, there is one man that has the villains number, one rogue inspector that is not going to take any guff.

Helmut Berger stars and he really takes the role seriously, looking badass throughout the entire film. He is of course thwarted by Richard Harrison, playing a inspector who knows martial arts and isn’t going to take any kind of crap from the villain.

The acting is alright, nothing too bad here. The film is dated, and terribly dated in some spots, but the plot moves forward so fast, that all things are worth while here. It’s a straight forward Cop exploitation film, with the majority of the parts dealing with the villains and their extreme violence, knocking over places, killing, and the opening rape scene that will leave some numb and others scratching their head. The ending of the film resembles a kung fu movie far more than anything else, and is quite interesting to follow, if only for the visual aesthetics of the villain getting taken out in martial arts fashion by this random white guy.

Did I just give away the ending?

But wait there’s more!

No, not really. This film is cool, I liked it. It’s not slick, it’s not impressive, it just kept my attention somehow, far more than most, and that’s always a plus. You can pick up this film from a variety of sources, and most are under the name Mad Dog Killer.

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