Monday, December 27, 2010

A Nightmare On Elm Street 2010 Review

Elm Street

I've seen some stinkers and most of them are the fault of low budget, or just bad editing, and even bad writers. But this one came out of nowhere for me to be the worst mainstream horror remake ever made. Yes, I'm going to just flat out start by telling you that A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) is my pick for the worst remake ever made in the genre of horror. This trumps most of the reviews on this website, and it's laughable that they made this one.

The problems don't necessarily lie with Freddy this time. Englund might be out, but he is replaced by one scary mofo. Freddy is amazing and more creepy than ever before, and more psychotic then I've ever remembered. But the rest of the cast and the rest of the film sours the mood so easily.

The movie's plot revolves around repressed memories of molestation, and another rehashing of the original plot, only this time it's been updated. There's full flash back scenes, and dream sequences that not only aren't creepy, they are just sad attempts at creating scary moments where there are none. The teenagers in this film are completely void of any shred of emotion. The chaos that surrounds not being able to sleep is gone here, and you end up wanting the teenagers to get it, because they come across as snotty rich kids. In fact, that's all I saw in this film, a bunch of rich white people, and why should I care about them?

A Nightmare on elm Street in the 1980's had some genuinely scary moments. This update is just sad. When your main sinister villain is the reason to cheer, and not on a comedic level, you're doing something terribly wrong. Sadly, this type of film still garners remakes. Maybe they can can remake part 2 now, and make it less homo-erotic, or make it more, what do I care?

This film, does look good at times. I'll give it some credit. It visually represents a lot of what the series should come to be, but on a visceral level it's lacking a lot. In fact, I was terribly bored with this one.

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  3. jervaise brooke hamsterDecember 29, 2010 at 2:30 PM

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