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Jennifer's Body Review

Jennifer's Body

Jennifer's Body hit theaters this past weekend and I was lucky enough to check it out. I had heard a lot of information about this movie in a lot of different ways. I first heard about this film because it's the follow up to Juno by Diablo Cody. It was supposed to be a departure from the first film, and it was supposed to be a straight laced horror film. Many people, including myself and my former coworker, were laughing at the premise because of who was attached to play the starring role; Megan Fox.

Many websites were reporting that this movie was going to be the first movie to see Megan Fox Naked! That was definitely one of the reasons why I wanted to see it, because I had heard so much hype about Megan Fox being good looking, that it was about time for me to see them twins! I kid. I don't think Megan Fox is hot, but her costar, to me is wonderful and dreamy.

Jennifer's Body tells the story of two friends. One friend is a complete slut and the other isn't. The dialogue is ridiculous, all modern and stupid. Much like Juno tried to move the words into the modern era, this movie had a lot of teenage dialogue that didn't seem real to me. It was the first of many different flaws in this film. The friends start to come apart when Jennifer gets involved with an indie band after their performance causes the club that they were at to burn down. As Jennifer goes with the band she finds out that they are going to sacrifice her...and she becomes a zombie vampire type succubus.

Here is a trailer for the film Jennifer's Body:

The movie sucks. I'm sorry, I can't believe I had to pay for this piece of junk. This is not really a horror movie as much as it is a comedy. The CG is stupid. At one point there is a vomit scene that is completely CG! What the heck!? Also, there are just completely terrible sequences of fighting with slow motion and sped up sequences that really remind me of "The Coventant" or dare I say, "The Craft".

Besides the fact that Megan Fox is NOT NAKED, I REPEAT MEGAN FOX IS NOT NAKED, and that's a major draw for this film. Why? Because it's RATED R!

The movie draws you through a cop out ending, and while it's not an amnesia tale, it's the other horror cliche of the hero becoming the villain or antihero, and the ending really reminded me of High Tension in a lot of ways. I would not recommend anyone seeing Jennifer's Body at all, it's not a good film. It's terribly written, and shot like a teenage comedy with CG pushing a lot of things into the wrong way. It's kind of horror, it's kind of comedy, it's all stupid. It insults your intelligence as a horror fan and then tries to patronize your teenage inside by having a lesbian sex scene with no sound and just close up.


What a waste of money.

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  1. jervaise brooke hamsterNovember 7, 2010 at 6:40 PM

    I want to bugger Megan Fox (as she was in 2004 when she was 18, not as she is now obviously), i also want to bugger the other hot chick that was in this movie (also as she was at the age of 18, not as she is now obviously) i think her name is A-girl-da. By the way, on the poster i wish we`d seen white stuff coming out of Megan fox`s mouth instead of red stuff it would have been much better.


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