Friday, September 18, 2009

From The Mail Bag Mid September 2009 Edition

This month has been moving faster than most. I got fired, I haven't been watching as many horror films, and haven't been having fun not getting a new job. Oh and I'm moving out of state too...great...but here is the latest from the mail bag with your comments and my responses.

Anonymous wrote this comment in regards to my Lifeforce Review:

You forgot to mention that the film has a pace like a runaway train. Incidentally only one person (Carlson) survives in the Churchill -(space ship/shuttle) Mathilda May looks scarey (despite being nude)and a dont forget Patrick Stewards "anything to oblige commander” a couple of years before his star trek debut. Its a cracking film and yes it's showing its age but its a 10/10 from me

Yeah, you're right, I forgot to mention a few things. This movie is rad in a lot of different ways, but it's slow. I wouldn't give it a ten, but it was great.

Anonymous wrote in response to my Quarantine Review:

Hey friend. I Just discovered your horror blog. Amazing and impressive job, especially for some hidden gems like 976 evil by Robert Englund. I avoided Quarantine because all these remakes always make me sick. You gotta see the original, absolutely. And don't forget that the sequel to the original spanish rec is coming soon... See you soon. Take a look to my horror blog: I'm from Italy and my english is not so good, unfortunately.
bye by Antonio

Thanks. I try to write this site and it's just hard for me. I'm broke, that's my problem. But thank you, I did check out your site it's not half bad. I will continue to work through a lot...i speak spanish and saw rec, it's brilliant.

abrinkofdeliverance said this in regards to my Orphan Review:

Loved the twist, too. Only cause I wasn't expecting it either.

Great review!

There are so many subtle things that made that movie great. The raw cold of the twist with the explicit ending, was definitely great. I can't wait to see it on dvd, it'll rock hard. I think that more people should've saw it, as it was definitely something that the horror genre has been lacking this year...the sense of suspense.

andy wrote in regards to the post: "Saw The Ride, Really?":

Looks like a reasonable ride made much better by the theming ideas of Mr Wardly...

I had a friend in College named Andy, he was cool. Anyways, doesn't look terrible, but it might suck as well. I guess that's the life we lead in horror.

That's it folks. This month we had a few comments, but nothing major. I know I've been slacking but forgive me. I lost my job and I'm moving. Not only that, I've had to cut my netflix account and everything is packed. It's a tough road for me.

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