Monday, April 6, 2009

Big Foot Review

Big Foot 1970

I've been a little busy lately, so I didn't have time to see any "Serious" films, but I did manage to see a good rare vhs print of "Bigfoot" from way back when. This version of Big Foot is from 1970 and is classic. It really reminds me of 70's style porno, but this film doesn't have any major nudity or even gore. This film is hilarious, and I'm not sure if it was meant to be scary. I thought it was befitting of this site's theme because this is a grindhouse film if I've ever seen one.

The story revolves around Big Foot kidnapping women and a group of bikers must come in and save the day! The plot is really simple and you get right to the point from the start of the film. Big Foot comes out takes a woman and we get the title screen in classic 70's font and still frame.

The editing of this film is terrible. It's even worse than some Kung Fu Films that I've reviewed for my other blogs. The film grain is also terrible, and I swear that there are frames from the film missing because some of the edits make no sense in continuous play. In fact, there was a distinct scene where one minute Big Foot is running away with a girl and the next scene is a party at a campfire. It just doesn't make any sense, and it could be the nature of how crappy this film really is.

Big Foot porn is nothing new. I think I recently caught wind of a company making such films and was able to even watch the so called "big foot porno" and it was just gross. I guess there's a market for that in today's society, but this film really feels that way. The women seem to be ready and willing, even though they scream at first, which is a quality that 70's and 80's Ron Jeremy films seemed to portray. I know, it's a terrible message to send women, but I'm not the one sending it!

The best part about this 1970's cult classic is the poster. The poster has a menacing big foot with a biker in his hands getting shot ala King Kong! I really liked the poster, but the movie is nothing like it.

Big Foot does show up a few times and it's blatant that there is a man in a gorilla suit of sorts. He fights like a trained fighter with great precision, and really takes you away from the mystical situation that you think you're in.

If that fact wasn't enough, there were several musical montages for no apparent reason and the film grain goes to near pitch black levels. These montages really don't explain much and are terrible to say the least.

In the long run, this film is not something that I would recommend or take too seriously. I liked it in a sense of cultural curiosity, other than that, this film is meant for Mystery Science Theater to make fun of it, because it's that terrible. The poster is rad though, I might get it for my house. I like it that much.

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