Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Run Bitch Run Review

Run Bitch Run

I reviewed “They Call Her One Eye” in the early stages of this blog, and I haven't really seen a lot of comparable films, even though there have been some obvious rip offs, and in some cases some interesting throwbacks, but nothing that I really remembered. However, I managed to watch this 2009 independent film that reminded me of the exploitation era of film making and while it wasn't the greatest one in the genre, it's by far better than most independent films that I've seen in recent months.

Run Bitch Run is a classic revenge, exploitation film. It is a story about two young women that happen to be Bible sellers, door to door, and they end up going to the wrong house. They get captured and raped, and one of them is shot immediately. The other is raped in the woods and left for dead.

The beginning of the film is slow and has a lot of nudity and sexual situations that will cause most to turn off the film. However, if you allow yourself to enjoy the process you'll get a good piece of greatness in the latter stages of the film.

The second part of the movie is all about revenge, and our hero dawns a nurses outfit, gets an old car and goes after her killers with some reckless abandon and great overall weaponry. She utilizes machete's, guns, and much more to slay her abductors and then in a shocking finale, finishes herself off.

Run Bitch Run

Is Run Bitch Run A Scary Film?: No.

This film is not scary. The short review here is really all I can really offer to a very thinly plotted film. The majority of the movie is about the sex and revenge. There is little to no acting ability shown, although our main character does have a great pair of assets, and I don't just mean her breasts.

I like the way the film is paced, although it's slow, and I like the sequences and editing. You don't get a lot of gore in this film, nor do you get pornographic levels of insertion and cum shots that you got with “They Call Her One Eye”.

The film grain, the title sequences, the music, and the shot for shot points that resemble other exploitation films are evident, and were interesting to see. Run Bitch Run is entertaining, although brutal and very overtly sexual at times. I didn't mind the film's thin plot, fast deaths and slow build, and wouldn't recommend it to casual horror movie fans. However, if you like the 70's and 80's exploitation cinema and grind house era, you'll appreciate the nod to the classics in this film.

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