Monday, June 7, 2010

Splice Review


I was able to check out Splice this weekend, as it was just released in my city and wanted a fresh horror film to review. This science fiction film was interesting to say the least, but the complexities mired the experience with a lackluster climax, and a predictable final twist and turn.

The movie seems simple enough, it’s about a couple of DNA scientists that are looking to cure diseases by splicing animal genes and trying to see if they can produce cures for cancer and much more. When the two figure out how to clone animals, the people in charge try to put a stop to their experiments, but they move forward instead and create a human and animal clone, which turns out to be quite the shocker.

First and foremost I liked the actors. I liked Sarah Polley, I think she’s cute, and was hoping for a little nudity from her; it didn’t happen. Adrien Brody did quite well in this one as he usually does, and really throws something to the ladies in the audience by having a full-blown sex scene with the new “spliced” creature. It is seriously one of the unsexiest scenes I’ve seen in horror film in a long time.

The cinematographer, Tetsuo Nagata, really puts some great views in this film. The camera angles are quite good at times, but then turn lazy towards the end of the film. Visually this film uses a lot of special effects, but they don’t look completely fabricated, there’s still a sense of belief throughout the film. The technology is used quite well, even if the budget wasn’t as extreme as other science fiction films out there.

The plot thickens towards the late stages of this film, and you really have to commit to the film. It takes a long time to develop the characters, their motives, and the foreshadowing. When the cards are turned over and you get to the third and fourth act you start to see just how predictable this film is. It’s almost as though the writers ran out of ideas and just threw in a rape scene, and murderous rampage, before they have to kill their own creation.

It’s a “sexy” set up towards the Frankenstein vein, but not nearly s effective.

I don’t necessarily recommend Splice, but it had a few good points of interest. It’s a formulaic, predictable movie. I don’t know why it was reviewed so well by critics, as it wasn’t worth the asking price. Despite good acting, some nudity, and cool camera angles at time, this film is just another piece of science fiction horror that you might have seen done better.

Oh well.

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  1. jervaise brooke hamsterJune 8, 2010 at 2:46 PM

    I want to bugger Sarah Polley.


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