Monday, August 4, 2008

Feast Review

One horror cliché that abounds throughout the annals of history is the plot that involves strangers in an odd scenario that must band together to fight of an alien threat. With that in mind, I present you with the movie Feast!

Feast takes a rag tag group of people inside a bar, unleashes an onslaught of monsters, and makes them deal with each other, their problems, sexual tension, and the coming death. The monsters are ruthless, and there is only one hope for humanity, raw steal/lead as the people inside fight off the incoming invasion, tooth and nail until they’re all dead.

Here’s a trailer for the movie Feast on dvd:

Here’s the problem with the movie, and all movies that follow this sort of formula: You’re screwed no matter what. Not you the viewer, you the person in the movie. Anyone that is trapped inside one location, and can not get out, is most likely going to die. In this particular movie, the monsters continually fight to get into the bar, assuming that they have already eaten the outside world, and succeed in taking care of several people, including the token hero that says he’s going to save your ass! The trailer reveals what could have been a very clever plot point, but instead of giving it to you once you’re sitting down, it gives it to you before you want to see the film. Sad.

This movie was the result of Project Green Light, and is quite the horror film. It’s above average as a monster movie, and shares a lot of gore for what it is. It’s insane! There are buckets of blood, puke, gore, and just all around sickness flying through the walls, windows and doors. They kill kids, they kill grandma, they kill the hero, the monsters are relentless and while there are survivors at the last moment, or at least we presume survivors, these monsters don’t let up at all. These monsters are probably the hardest hitting monsters I’ve seen in a movie since Nightmare City brought fast moving zombies towards my television screen.

If you're a fan of zombie or monster films, you're going to love this one. There's not a lot of talking or random cuddly moments, there is a desperation in the air that never really lets up, and the monsters, man, the monsters are non stop and the buckets of blood seem almost real. This movie is insane, but that's not necessarily a good thing in regards to film in general. It's a treat, I wouldn't call it something to watch often or during dinner. Feast is available on dvd now.

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