Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Death Race Review

Death Race Poster

Death Race is not exactly a scary film, or a horror film. But I saw it this weekend and it had a TON of gore. It had so much gore that it might as well have been a horror movie. It wasn't scary, but it was so violent and gorey that I was having a blast at the movies again. This movie wasn't great, it had horrible plot structure, horrible story, but the violence and the gore make up for all of that. It is a mindless self indulgent film. Check it out...here's a clip for "restricted" audiences...that's right, gorey, and violent....you've been warned:

If you're not really into this film, or the clip, then you should read about this one guy...yeah this one guy got so upset that a director would say his film was so scary that you couldn't watch it alone, that he bought every ticket to a theater and saw it alone. He said he wasn't scared at all. Check out the scary movie fan story here.

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  1. *sigh* Ok. That was not scary at all, LOL. But I guess if people's heads are getting ripped off every other second I can understand why it's called gory.


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