Monday, April 9, 2012

The Human Centipede Review

I don’t know why I take so long to review major movies, but it just happens. I guess that’s the good thing about owning a blog of your own, you get to decide whatever you write and the schedule as well. This independent film had a lot of critics talking, and most people thought the idea was horrendous and sick. I found it quite fascinating, and found the best thing to do is just watch and see how it all plays out, and I for one was disgusted, but at the same time, enjoyed the cycle of torture that comes through in this pseudo science fiction film. What am I talking about? The #1 requested film, The Human Centipede (First Sequence).

The film has been given all sorts of media coverage, and by this point; you already know what the film is about. A mad scientist tries to create a centipede like creature out of humans, and he attacks at will. We first get introduced the main villain through a stop truck killing, and we move forward with two young ladies trapped by the vices of European travel. Mix a little “Hostel” with “High Tension” and you get the feeling that something is going to go seriously wrong for these two American sounding ladies.

The film moves fast through the scenarios, and by the time we get to the actual science, it sounds real and fascinating. The marketing said that this film was 100% medically accurate, which is just a marketing ploy that we used to see often in the 1980’s. The movie gets sick when the two women are placed face to ass and are fed through fecal matter of the first person’s body. The film pulls punches, it doesn’t let you see the actual surgeries and for the most part there’s a lot of make up to cover up what would otherwise be the sickest thing you’ve probably ever seen.

You get sick nudity, and you get some very disturbing images, but you don’t get the gore that you probably thought was involved with making a film of this type. There is a bit of comedic unbalance by the time you watch it, if you haven’t seen it yet, and you really start to wonder what all the hype was all about. Sure there are some sick points, but you have to really use your imagination to get there, otherwise you’re going to be flooded with the notions that were presented by Tosh.0 and South Park, rather than accepting the film as it is shown. I wouldn’t recommend The Human Centipede, it’s not something that you’re really missing, but then again, there’s a trilogy afoot, so maybe you should start our quest with this first release.


  1. very shit review and no one really cares about your blog dude

    1. That's funny, tens of thousands of hits a month says otherwise anonymous user, thanks for proving yet again the internet makes cowards daily

  2. Sir Jorge, this is one of the best horror movie reveiw sites on the entire internet and the reveiws here are quite superb.

  3. jervaise brooke hamsterJuly 31, 2012 at 2:28 PM

    What i like best about Scary Films is that Sir Jorge always stays well away from British made garbage (thankfully) which makes the site truly great by definition.


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