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Satans Slave Review

satans slave


Before I reviewed this film, I had no idea it was in fact a British horror film, or at least in the UK, which covers a lot of ground. I guess that's my fault. I did in fact find that this film wasn't as good as the moniker of "Grindhouse" double feature made it out to be, but alas, this is what it is.

Ah yes, it's time once again for a review! Today we will try and discuss the film, Satan's Slave. I'm not big on satanism movies because they are usually badly acted, terribly shot, and lacking any sort of saving grace. But alas, it is my job to keep writing even if no one reads this thing.

First and foremost the film opens up with a satanic ritual, a goats head, some dude reciting crap and a naked woman! Yes, this film is r rated and rightfully so. The movie moves from that point to more subtle fare. I say that only because the opening scene is so graphic compared to the second scene that you don't get a sense for the rest of the film, but after the short interlude there is an attempted rape scene which reminds the viewer that this is in fact an exploitation film after all.

This film, i found out is a British film, and maybe that's why I found it somewhat boring. The pacing wasn't very good and despite flashes of nudity and ritual this film was rather dry. The plot revolved around a woman who goes to live with family after her father's car mysteriously explodes. She then is drafted into a weird ceremony as the house he now lives in is a house for the devil!

The movie is weird, it truly is a good example of grindhouse cinema. The majority of the film is just plain and boring. I got tired of the film by the second act. The final points of this film try to be heavier handed and move forward with relative ease, giving some gore for being patient, but the resolution of the plot leaves much to be desired.

Satan's Slave is not good, it's not worthwhile. The poster is awesome but the film is kind of boring and most won't like it. I wouldn't recommend this one, unless you're a glutton for punishment, like I am.

Now, the director (Norman Warren) did a good job with Inseminoid, but this thing? Terrible. This is just a tiresome movie. Oh and yes, it was filmed in the UK, was it a full British horror movie? I don't know. There is a ton of nudity here, lots of horrific violence at times, but it is so spread out that you have to really invest in the film to enjoy it. I don't necessarily like it, and while David McGillivray's writing is not half bad, it just come across as boring, instead of thrilling, which is the main reason I am watching horror.

This film is relatively rare. Unless you see it in this double feature dvd, but it was originally called Evil Heritage in 1976. I liked the original poster better than the updated one. Oh well. That's the end of this review. There's a second film on this double feature dvd, and I'll review that one next time.

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  1. jervaise brooke hamsterApril 15, 2011 at 3:45 PM

    Sir Jorge, just imagine how much better "Satans Slave" and "Terror" would have been if they`d been American made. The British cannot make horror films (or any kind of films for that matter), make sure you stay well away from them in future.


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