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Child's Play 2 Review

Child's Play 2 Poster

Child's Play 2 came out in 1990 and I was 7 years old. My parents took me to see this opening night, and I saw in Santa Monica alongside a packed house. That was back when vhs and dvd weren't readily available to people and going to the movies meant something important. So while I was coming of age at 7 years old, learning about sick gore and what not, others were probably barred from seeing this film as a kid. I guess I was lucky.

A lot has been said about Child's Play as a series and film, but the sequel isn't exactly as prominent. I'm not sure why either, it could be that the gore levels are different, the character returns after being blown to oblivion in the first film, but back in the early 90's no one seemed to be as critical as they are now. The tag line to this film is "Sorry Jack...Chucky's Back" and boy oh boy is he more blood thirsty than ever.

I like the strength of sequels, specifically trilogies, because many of them are actually quite good, even if the majority of music reviewers will be quick to disagree with me. This film is set a couple of years after the first film, and Andy is placed into the foster care system, and while his new parents are trying hard to be nice to him, he finds out that his old pal Chucky is back in action after being resurrected through the oldest cliche in horror....electrocution.

So with Chucky back, Andy has to adjust to living in a new place with a new family and no one believes that the mischief that is being caused is being done by Chucky. Much like ALL OTHER horror movies, no one believes the protagonist except for a lovely young lady. That's that.

The movie is easy to follow and flows quite well for a horror film. The gore is not there, there are a lot of edits and cuts away from the main gore, as the doll kills. However, the gore levels rise in the final act and showdown where Chucky is 1/2 human and he starts getting severed piece by piece. The film climaxes with some of the coolest gore/melt effects. My favorite part of this film is the lack of CG, which I LOVE!

Child's Play 2

Is Child's Play 2 A Scary Film?: NO.

This film is NOT scary. Seriously, it's not that scary at all. I wasn't even scared when I was 7 years old. However, in today's society I could see how this film could scare kids. Specifically the children of heavily protected, bubble children. I mean, my own niece lives in a bubble where she can't do anything, or even go to school because she could get "corrupted". So she'll get freaked out and scared and probably cry.

Those parents that are a little more "wild" or just don't care, will find that their kids and even themselves, will love this movie for both nostalgia's sake, and the fact that it's actually entertaining. Much more than the newer films in the series, Child's Play 2 is quite good. Yes, there are moments where I hated this film, and it just sounded "corny" but the 7 year old inside me was jumping for joy, specifically the blood scenes towards the end. I mean, Chucky cuts his hand off and drives a knife through it to form a weapon! SICK!

I'm not sure why or how they made a 3rd, 4th, 5th and I hear 6th film in this series, but hey, that's what happens when film makes money. Child's Play 2 is not the greatest in the series, but it follows suit the first events with some awesome moments. I like it, after all these years.

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  1. i am only nine and i love chucky i have the chucky movie the one that comes in four dvds and i want a chucky doll...VARY BAD.


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