Monday, August 30, 2010

End of the Month Death Toll August 2010 Edition

That's it folks, August is done. This month flew by, and well, I didn't even realize it. The comments are way down, the traffic is way down, and no one seems to buy anything from the links, but I'm still watching and writing.

Here's the last posts I've done.

If you missed something, check it out.

I won't be posting every link ever, but you can catch up easily by clicking HERE.

Child's Play 2 Review
Virginia Creepers Review
REWIND: Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives Revie...
REWIND: Ghoulies II Review
4 Years Running
REWIND: Ax Em Review
From The Mailbag Mid Month August 2010
REWIND: American Gothic Review
The Making of the Black Devil Doll Wobler Video
Shuttle Review
The Thaw Review
End of the Month Deathtoll July 2010 Edition


  1. Even if no-one is commenting I do hope you'll continue with the reviews, I spent the last few hours browsing your reviews and I loved it. You reminded me of OH so many movies! I remember renting so many titles back then when I was a kid in the 80's. B-U-T I have to disagree with you on some of your reviews, many of them aren't bad, they are just PERFECT for a saturday night with your friends and laugh your head of at the stuff you used to watch as a kid.
    PS: For a recommendation-> How about Maniac Cop? Or the Munchies? (I dare you to survive that one!)
    PS2: Any errors on this text are 100% my fault and not of my english teacher. (I slept trought my english classes, meh)

  2. FLOR!

    Thank you for your post, thank you for reading, and thank you very much for commenting.

    I will look at both Munchies and Maniac Cop (and Maniac Cop 2 and 3 and Maniac as well). I've seen them before and I'll see them again just for you.

    I'm not quitting. Every 30 days I post up a review of all I did for the month. Don't worry, I'll be back in action on Wednesday with an all new review :)


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