Friday, August 13, 2010

From The Mailbag Mid Month August 2010

I know, it seems way too soon for the middle of the month, but we're about there. I pulled the trigger on this because I've had these comments in my inbox for a while and I got tired of looking at them. So I decided, why not?

A quick update, I've been playing a lot of poker on face book, wishing I had a real job, and maybe some friends to chat with on aim. So far, no go...on all fronts. Oh and I've learned that I suck at poker.

Anonymous said in regards to my "Child's Play Review":

I totally love the Chucky films but I think Childs play 3 ruined them a bit.

Part 3 ruined them? Did you see part 4,5, and 6? Yep...terrible.

Anonymous said in regards to "Brainscan Review":

My favourite Horror Film.

Really? Your favorite? Edward Furlong has really fallen off, but this one was technically cool. I think it's a great example of being ahead of its time. I liked it enough, and I think that many people miss such good films...not saying this one was THAT good,but I guess. I like it now.

That's the end of that folks. Two comments, 400+ posts, several years and running.

I just wish I had a few bucks for all the movies I've been watching. Or fact, anything to show that people are reading.

I'm going to get back to looking for a new job, I've been unemployed and freelancing for 10 months...sadly.

**Note, this was posted on a thursday...but was meant for a friday if you see no update...blame me for working on the site at 5 am instead of sleeping...sigh...

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