Monday, March 8, 2010

Bronson Review

Bronson Movie Poster

Out of left field came this rad movie called Bronson. Bronson is a movie about a convicted killer, and partially biographical, and it is badass!

Bronson goes through the motions of mixing what seems to be a live performance piece with scenes from the mans life. You see a one man stage show, in which our main character spews out rhetoric, stories and details about his life, in a very interesting manner. The actor playing this role is amazing, garnering a lot of attention with simple words and actions. I liked it.

The movie is near exploitation at times, with the graphic gore, violence, and cursing. The real life prisoner was made famous by the English Media for being the craziest, most brutal prisoner ever. In this film he goes to great lengths to prove it. He has a lot of bare knuckle fights where he just goes nuts.

Visually, this film is quite good overall. It features some beautiful lighting at times, and some very interesting shots that seem just too artsy for the content of this film. At times there are sections that reminded me of an Argento arthouse horror film, and at other times it seemed like drama was the name of the game here.

Here’s a trailer for Bronson:

I really loved this film, and putting it into words is somewhat difficult. It’s a tour-de-force of brutality and justice. It just visually and sonically appeals to me. It’s not necessarily a scary film, but it’s so graphic that it’s like watching an old style exploitation film, mixed with the fights of “Fight Club”.

I highly recommend Checking out Bronson:


Bronson’s main character is a real life person. I learned that he wrote a very unique fitness manual. It’s a book for those that want to lose weight, pack on lean muscle, and don’t have a lot of room. It’s made for a single man, in a small room, and it’s quite good from what I’ve seen. Check that out in conjunction with this film, and you’ll realize it’s a rather interesting topic. The book is titled: "Solitary Fitness" and it is very interesting to say the least.

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  1. jervaise brooke hamsterMarch 9, 2010 at 12:16 PM

    Bronson is just another hideous product of a society that is governed and poisoned by lies, hypocrisy, sexual repression, censorship, double standards, inconsistancies and ludicrous absurdities on a grand scale and that he was unfortunate enough to be born into (like millions of other poor British bastards). By the way Sir Jorge, could you please make sure that you dont reveiw any more British made garbage because it besmirches an otherwise brilliant site with the foul stench of British filth. I`m not kiddin` Sir Jorge, no more British made crap O.K.


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