Monday, March 29, 2010

From The Mail Bag End Of March 2010 Edition

Alright kiddies, I've been getting more replies than usual, and getting hit with a lot of comments...which for once is awesome. So two things I'm going to say real quick before we get to the mail from you, the reader.

1. FREE DVDS AND CRAP: I'm going to be giving away stuff for those that comment. At the end of the month, I'll randomly select a name from a bag of names that comment, and unleash the prize patrol. All you have to do is comment, and wait. If I pick your name I'll announce the winner before the next MAIL BAG post as the first item of speech.

2. TWO TIMES MAIL BAG: I will be posting comments twice a month when the comments between 15 - 20 day cycles is more than 3 comments. Otherwise It'll just be once a month. Two times mail posts? Yeah, I want to make sure your voices are heard with my responses in a post...sue me.

So here you go, 15 Days of comments? I don't know...more since the last mailbag, which means I can finally clear my inbox.

Movieporch said in response to my Perfect Getaway Review:

This was a great and fun movie to watch. There is no way you can figure out what is going on while you are watching it.

I had no idea what was going on, nor what was on the camera. It didn't make sense to me at all, but the way the edited the swerves, twists, and turns to music, was brilliant. I enjoyed that quite a bit. I thought it was great, and I still say the movie was a tough horror/thriller to mess with.

jervaise brooke hamster said in regards to my A Bit of Personal Business for Scary Film Blog post:

You better be just kidding with regards to #5, and if somebody sends you one it is most certainly "NOT" repeat "NOT" fair game, it will instead be thrown straight into the garbage O.K.

Oh man, you're scary...but if it happens to fall on my lap, dude it's on, sorry. However, to be on your side, I rarely seek or find anything British. So me saying that it's fair game is like saying I'm going to strike it rich here in Moscow, Idaho...needless to say I'm unemployed and about to live on the streets...currently using free wifi at a coffee shop.

jervaise brooke hamster said in response to my Sorority Row Review:

Its still 100 times better than anything that the British film industry has ever produced!!!

You're most likely right, I won't argue. Wait...did Nightmare City get a push from the British Film Group? If so, You got to admit, that was a good one. Keep me posted.

joanna responded to my REWIND: The Howling Review post:

It is because of this movie that I learned to love the werewolf movies, I can still remember how stunned I was every time I saw Eddie transforming himself. Though the film might have some emotional detailes, some cheesy ones too, it is actually based on a shattering idea: in each and everyone of us resides an animal side.

I actually like this first one better than most other wolf films. I think there's a frenetic pacing to the ending that really is hard to rival, even by bigger, better budgets.

That concludes today's comments (more like the last 15 days or so). I'll have more reviews coming down the pipeline, including some not so new horror movies, some interesting tidbits here and there, and a countdown of my top favorites.

Until then, please try the fish.

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