Sunday, November 8, 2015

You Better Watch Out For The FANGORIA Santa Box!

Fangoria has announced that they will be putting out a limited edition holiday horror box set. It's only $20, so if you're going to buy something for your significant other, check this mess out. You can search for Fangoria online and find this, I'm not linking them since they aren't paying me. But they sure know how to get my $20, that's for sure.

Season’s Bleedings, FANGORIA Fans! Though Halloween feels as if it was just yesterday, FANGORIA knows that even the naughtiest fright fans have their minds set on how to celebrate their horrifying Holiday Season. Well, don’t fret horror hounds, as we are calling on our eerie elves to put together the FANGORIA Santa Box!

Now available for pre-order, FANGORIA is assembling a wealth of gruesome goodies from around the world of horror, offering a mystery box that is much more than just a sinister stocking stuffer! What could be in your FANGORIA Santa Box? While we wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise in full, you could find magazines, music, exclusive toys, games, collectibles, films and much, much more!

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