Thursday, November 12, 2015

Exterminators of The Year 3000 Review

Exterminators of the Year 3,000 VHS
This is an interesting science fiction trope, but man was it tough to get through. It took me a few attempts to finally see the whole thing, and it’s not easy to watch. This is a foreign film that was originally done in Italian and Spanish. You can tell the dubbing is terrible from the VHS that I got my grubby hands on. The dubbing was beyond terrible, but hey, all for the love of horror and science fiction right? “Exterminators of the Year 3,000” may very well be one of the worst, best, and yet terrible movies that I’ve had to power through in a long time. It’s rough, I’m not going to lie. You probably won’t like it.

The opening sequence was badass. I loved it. It very much has a “Mad Max” feel to it. Some great driving in the desert, and some gnarly crashing, with a lot of practical effects and stunt drivers pulling some turns in the sand. The movie starts with this notion that there is no more water, and that there may or may not be droids driving. I wasn’t sure. As the renegade driver gets out of his car and see son a dead dude, another drives away with his car, leaving him to chase again, and this is the best part of the movie.

From that point we get taken to a movie that is very much like “Mad Max 2”, only now there’s no water on the planet and it’s up to one man to go out and try to save the village. This is where I kept fighting myself to pay attention, but it’s not simple or easy to work with. Everyone is fighting for water, and it very much feels like “Mad Max” with an even lower budget than that movie had. This is an obvious rip-off, but I tried to keep with it and hope that there was going to be more back story, or perhaps less cheese, but nope, things kept going that direction.

This is an abysmal rip off, but I loved how the movie had some cool driving. I’ll give it that. As for the VHS I got my hands on, it’s ok I guess. I’m not a diehard for this movie, so you can easily scope this out if you want to watch it. However, aside from the cars and stunts, this movie is abysmal. It’s by far one of the worst movies I’ve seen in a long time, but the stunts are still cool, so I guess I’ll give them that. From what I read, the writers didn’t have the most fluid grasp of the English language, and well, it shows. If you get to watch this one, maybe you’ll like it, I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it so much that I didn’t finish it, so I guess that counts for something right? “Exterminators of The Year 3,000” is not a high recommendation, unless you absolutely must see the influence that “Mad Max” had on the 1980s movie scene.

Believe it or not, "Exterminators of the Year 3,000" is on Blu Ray. If you buy it here, and you like it, drop me a line and you can guest post a review. Otherwise, this stands as one terrible movie in my book. 

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