Monday, November 16, 2015

The Lazarus Effect Review

The Lazarus Effect is Available Here
Well, what a slick movie we have here. “The Lazarus Effect” came and went fast, but I didn’t see it on the silver screen. I missed it, like I usually do. However, I was able to catch this one recently on Blu Ray, and was actually impressed with some of the elements of this movie. However, like many other science fiction, horror flicks, it really starts to fall apart about midway through the movie, and of course, the ending, oh boy the ending.

I was expecting Donald Glover’s character to die fast, within the first 10 minutes. If you had bets on this, nope, it didn’t happen as fast as you’d think. The movie was a matter of animating death. When a group of scientists find a serum to bring back animals to life, they think that they are going to make billions. What happens next is what usually occurs with corporations. As soon as someone has a break through, they come in and shut things down. The scientists go rogue, and try to do another experiment to ensure the future of the serum, only one of them die. That’s when they go from reanimating animals, to going for humans, fast, and easily.

But the undead, well, are undead!

“The Lazarus Effect” is a fast paced, easy to watch horror flick. It is not full of gore, but it has some good overall cinematography. There is a darkness cast on the whole thing, but the explanation of life, death, heaven, and hell are laughable. If you turn off your brain a bit, you will at least be entertained by how the movie progresses, with some above average acting.

What really struck me here was the language of the science in this movie. The science of things are fast paced, and the classic tropes of science fiction were found here. From the comedic effect, timing of stupid decisions, to the embracing of unethical momentum for the purpose of the greater good, there are some great elements overall. This was ok. It wasn’t great, but it had some good moments. As far as a modern horror movie, this presses heavily on the “be careful what you wish for” type of navigation.

“The Lazarus Effect” is predictable. But it is not boring. On Blu Ray, the sound design is good, there’s a creep factor going through, and the visuals are great. Check this movie out for a slick popcorn horror movie. Not half bad, if you ask me.

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