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5 Compelling Reasons We Need A New Twilight Zone Series

Is It Time To Revive The Twilight Zone? (click here)

There’s something great about the moment you hear Rod Serling speak before an episode of his iconic series, “The Twilight Zone”. When you hear his pragmatic, stoic voice, you know that you’re going to enter a world where the rules of this world start to bend and become out of focus. In modern television, there’s not a lot of showcase of the type of science and fiction that came through the iconic series. Even though several different decades featured updated programs with the same name, it’s time to reenter the world Serling and others created. There are 5 reasons why you may agree with this notion, and they may surprise some readers.

There’s A Lot of Great Ideas Out There

Even though some will say that there’s nothing really new under the sun, there are some tremendous ideas floating around. Every day someone tells a story to their children, to their coworkers, or just write things down in a journal. These stories become compelling devices that could very well become great television. Yet they live and die in conversation, in writing, and they never see the light of day. These could be ground breaking, if only someone would give them a chance.

Science Fiction Writing Is Still Thriving

Look at any bookstore today, and you’ll find that there are a lot of science fiction novelists churning out work left and right. They are doing so with the notion that they are one day going to get a shot at the television or movie world. Some fade into obscurity. Others get their work published again and again, and some get adapted to movie and television, albeit in watered down frameworks. The point is, there is a lot of thriving fiction out there, and you can easily twist it to fit the format of anthology television.

Neil Gaiman Could Probably Write Up Some Great Stuff

Have you read anything from Neil Gaiman? He has the notion of fantasy on lock, and you could possibly get him to create a grand display of iconic science fiction. He’s prolific, creative, and quite the charming dude. Ok, perhaps this is a bit reaching, but Gaiman is no stranger to this genre, and could very well put together something on par with Rod Serling’s creative talents.

There Is No Great Anthology Science Fiction Series

Right now, television has a lot of programs that feature anthology story telling. However, none of them have the moniker that “The Twilight Zone” had. Just by that admission alone, there should be something that moves along in this framework. There are more networks than ever before, so it’s not too far out of the reach of many to produce and distribute a show of this type. With a hole in the market, why not fill it with something compelling?

It’s About Time To Go Back Into The Twilight Zone

If the reasons above seem too out of left field, then at least consider that we are about due. There’s been revivals of horror and science fiction before, but in modernity, we have far more financial resources and creative cinematography. It’s just time to go back into a world that is beyond sight, and sound. One that is of mind. It’s due, a new production would be grand.

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