Sunday, November 8, 2015

Time Travel In Popular Culture: How Science and Media Collide by Jay Dune Review

Time Travel and Science - Kindle
I’ve read a lot of books on the subject, but nothing has really taken the ideas of time travel and explored them quite like Jay Dune does in this book. “Time Travel in Pop Culture” takes on an interesting world. One that focuses on media and places it within the realms of science. Taking the ideas of fiction and then comparing it analytically to the world as we know it. It also features a few movie reviews in regards to the world of time travel, which makes this an interesting read. It’s not very long, so that’s a plus, but the ideas found within this Kindle release definitely bring about a lot of elements that you may not get with other books. While it’s a good jumping off point, it’s definitely a part of something larger. Perhaps Jay Dune will amend it to get exhaustive in the matter, but for a Kindle release, “Time Travel in Popular Culture” is a good overall read and recommendation. If you like science, time travel and movies, this is a great little gem to read.

You can get this book for Kindle by clicking HERE.

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