Monday, April 5, 2010

Gone The Way Of The Flesh Review

Gone The Way Of The Flesh

It's a shame that I can't come up with a lot of good things to say about horror movies anymore. Or rather, it's a shame that I have to review solid pieces of turd like this film. Gone The Way of the Flesh is one of the worst horror movies I've seen in a long time. You thought Black Devil Doll was bad, wait till you get a load of this piece of junk.

My problems with the film began with the two camera switching. There is one HD looking camera and one low-def camera and the editing switches between the two, and it's miserable.

The story? What story?

I'll let the pro's handle this one:

The story of a mysterious killer with a blood-lust for rock n roll groupies. A local town is outraged as underage female fans start turning up in pieces after live performances by The Jason Martinko Revue. It is up to one detective to rid his city of this traveling roadshow of filth, as he struggles to overcome numerous addictions. So if you like nudity, drugs, violence, filth & rock 'n roll

This movie gave me a headache. I haven't seen such a poorly executed film in a long time. I'd rather watch British Horror than this piece of junk that's for sure.

I'm not even going to dignify it with much I hate watching these terrible films.

On the second hand, there was a lot of Nudity, lots of fetish stuff. I guess that gets 1 star.

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