Thursday, July 16, 2015

Deep Blue Sea Review

I know I promised to talk about the Leprechaun series, but I have been having a hard time transitioning. I moved from Los Angeles to Indianapolis, and my hopes of meeting new people, and having a different life has really been thwarted by the same issues I’ve always seemed to have. If you want to help me out in any way, make sure that you use the Amazon options that I recommend to pick up movies. Each sale helps me out a little bit. That’s partially the reason why I am not writing as many reviews, as I don’t have a way to watch more movies, now that I do not have Netflix. I did manage to catch “Deep Blue Sea” so here I go, giving you another shot in the arm from the longest running horror blog that I know of, because I don’t know about a lot of others!

This movie takes the concepts that you may have seen in first person shooters and takes on “Jaws”. There’s a secret lab where scientists are working with sharks, helping them get smarter, in order to cure human disease. However, during the course of their work, they have caused a great deal of problems. Mainly, the sharks are now getting mad and know how to fight back, or whatever. The movie doesn’t really take off until the sharks starts to go mad and traps a research team. The team must escape, and overcome their own personal issues to rise through the flooded research center.

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So while this movie isn’t scary, it has horror elements that are supposed to “thrill”. It’s listed as science fiction, and it truly does put on a showcase. I can see this as a pulp novel, and it truly works well in that regards. The characters are all archetypes. Thomas Jane, Michael Rapaport, LL Cool J, and Samuel L. Jackson are the stand outs, especially the ultimate death scene! The biggest death scene here is of course Jackson throwing down an amazing speech, only to get eaten by a shark! I loved it, you loved it and the internet meme’d the crap out of it.

Breaking down this film into anything other than just a throwaway blockbuster is disingenuous. I can’t really say that this is a bad movie, because it’ not “bad”. But it’s not exactly great, or good either. It’s a nice romp through a very isolated area. It’s nice to get a throwback to that classic science fiction style that made the 1960s so grand. However, outside of some shining lights from Jackson and LL Cool J, this is a trope that is so predictable, you get tired.

You either love “Deep Blue Sea” or you don’t, it’s that simple. I found it to be funny, and enjoyable. However, it may be fueled by the fact that I’m having a hard time financially, so it was nice to have a distraction for a couple of hours. You can pick up “Deep Blue Sea” on BLU RAY here, or don’t, no one ever listens to me anyways.

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  1. I love this movie. It really reminds me of being in college. I was in college when I saw it and I lived right across the street from a movie theater. I think I must have seen the movie a couple of times I loved it so much. It was super cheesy but wonderful. They clearly stole a lot from 'Jaws 3D' which is saying something! I'm sorry you're having a tough time. Watching movies always helps cheer my spirits.


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