Monday, July 27, 2015

Why Watch Movies Then?

Recently I had a conversation with a so called movie fan. It reminded me of the time I made fun of Vincent Price and someone decided not to be my friend over it. There’s a lot of movie fans out there, and then there are some that deliberately want to make you feel as though you’re wrong for liking something. Furthermore, they want you to know that they are SO sure that the director and the cast are “blow hards” and are trying too hard.

They say that they are “bored” and they keep watching. They want you to join in their misery and try to shoehorn the notion that you’re an idiot if you disagree. But they do so in a passive aggressive manner, to the point where you ask yourself:

“Why watch movies then?”

Seriously. If you’re bored, if you hate the director, if you’re going to call someone pretentious, why not look in the mirror? Where is your movie? Honestly, if you’re such a grand critic, where is the movie you made?

Oh? You didn’t ever make one? You’re an entitled viewer aka a consumer? I hate movie buffs. Those that don’t even know what they are talking about because they haven’t seen half of the things that they think they have, or should. They’ll wax poetic about nonsense, and then when you ask if they have seen anything remotely interesting, they clam up or move onto something that they are an expert. Obscure television movies? Yeah, I can’t see them, but you have? And you’re an expert so you want to make the world feel bad for not doing so?

Screw you.

I’m glad I have this blog, and I’ve made some claims. But at least I back them up with a lot of effort. I have been in the business, I have made movies, I have ghost written, and I have spoken with so called “blow hard” directors. I have tried my best to see past the idea of pretense. But I’m wrong, right? I’m just a dude, that is supposed to let it go.

My apologies for the rant. I’ll get back to watching and reviewing horror movies, of course, I’m a critic but at least I’ve tried my hand at movie making. My apologies for the negativity I’ve shown in the past, I try to watch and love everything, sometimes it’s just hard to sit through the latest schlock fest, though. You can, you can love it, but don’t trash the efforts of the artists, maybe they are trying really hard because it’s their passion. Why piss on the passion of others and call people out personally? You don’t even know them?

Sorry. I’ll shut up now.

Simmer Down!


  1. Everyone has an opinion of course. I have never made a movie, but I do consider myself to be a writer. So it does bother me when I see lazy writing in films, but I think people should always try to give constructive criticism and not take it too personally. It is very immature for someone to stop being your friend for saying something about Vincent Price. If we all agreed on everything the blogosphere would be very boring indeed!

  2. I don't mind a difference of opinion, but some people have such a heavy hand about it. I just can't work through the immense negativity that comes with certain opinions, I guess.


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