Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lunopolis Review

I’m late on reviewing this, so my apologies go out to the media group that sent me this dvd, but I have been given a little more extra time, simply because I am broke and my freelance gigs aren’t exactly streaming in like before, so I’ve been viewing a lot more horror lately. So here goes, my attempt to make sense of this science fiction film entitled Lunopolis.

This pseudo-documentary grips you right away with a strange newscast and a strange phone call that reminds me a lot of “Coast to Coast AM”. The caller talks about lunar people and conspiracy theories, but when the call gets cut short as someone seems to snuff the caller out, the film starts to take an interesting turn. The documentary style filming was quite interesting, and we shift from the caller to a couple of filmmakers that are reviewing a box of materials that showed up at their offices.

The two filmmakers go on a quest that features everything you could possibly want with this type of movie. There are moments of suspense, wonder, and yes-even boredom. The boredom lasts only a few moments here and there, and really doesn’t amount to much, as the pacing starts to get better towards the climax of the film. The film touches on a lot of themes that some swear by, conspiracy theories and all. It skewers religion, science, fiction, and so much more.

Lunopolis is an interesting movie that starts slow, and then rushes through some “Blair Witch” style moments before crashing into your screen. I liked it enough to watch it and recommend it to those that like pseudo-documentary style films. This is a work of fiction but it’s like talking to someone like Alex Jones. You’ll like it if you like conspiracy theories, otherwise, you’ll most likely get bored. I love the style, and had to remind myself that this is not a true story, but man, does it work well.


  1. I selected this film up overdue one evening on Hulu, quite satisfied, not understanding a element about it.

    Fast ahead an time later and I'm viewing the film with a gun across my lap, fearful to proceed but too immersed to quit.


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