Monday, May 2, 2011

Killer View AKA Snuffed Review

I was fortunate enough to be sent a copy of this film, and upon first glance I wasn't sure what to expect. I was floored with the opening sequence, as it took you into the horror of what a snuff film might look like. The grainy footage and sexual act in the opening really punches the viewer in the mouth, and what would you expect? The film is called Snuffed.

This independent film follows an investigation of a serial killer. The film is almost documentary style with film grain footage and voice overs pushing the story, creating an interesting tapestry. From the opening scenes through the rest of the film, we get this sort of pov interview style of a serial killer.

Aesthetics are key here, you get a very in depth interview and interesting narrative with jarring visuals and sickening points, you'll swear your watching a real life serial killer, making this film quite unique. The scary thing about this movie is the low budget visuals mixed with interviews, pushing the limits of your imagination. It's really a triumph in many ways, moving forward with real horror. I'd say Snuffed is the most unique independent horror film I've ever seen.

This film is not easy to watch for some, but for those that can stomach the voyeur style presented here, your in for a unique and horrific ride. I liked it a lot, it seemed real, too real for comfort.

This movie was produced by Michael Colton, and directed by James O'Connell. You can get more info by visiting


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  2. Interesting; sounds much better than Tesis. Might have to get this, I'd be interested in seeing how it compares to Man Bites Dog.


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