Friday, March 4, 2011

A Blade In The Dark And I'm Coming Back

Blade in the Dark

First and foremost, I'm coming back to review. I've done a lot of soul searching and I've closed down a lot of my blogs, but I'm coming back to this blog and I'm going to be reviewing the greatest and the worst horror movies of all time.

I won't get into personal details, but my schedule is a big foggy for the new few weeks.

I did manage to watch a horror movie recently, and it was Bava's "Blade in the Dark". I'll comment quickly that, this film was laughable. The blade was more of an xacto knife, and the pov shots were hilarious and stupid. The film holds no major horror scenario, unless you really suspend disbelief.

I loved it, but it's cheeseball at its finest.

I'll be back to full reviews in the coming weeks.

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