Friday, November 21, 2008

From The Mailbag: Thanksgiving Edition


Here we are past the mid point of the month and I hope that you are all having a good time reading these diatribes of mine. I am posting 3 times a week rather than 5 times a week so that I have more time to compile my thouhts on these reviews and give you more time to read them. I like posting 5 times a week but I feel that sometimes it gets lost with so much information throwing at you. So I hope that's well with everyone here.

So here we are at another edition of From The Mailbag. I respond to some comments and you get your five minutes of fame on my blog. Not that it has a huge readership, but it's nice to know that I don't just leave your comments to die. I actually read them and if I don't respond in post, I will do so here! So without further ado LETS DO THIS!!!!

Metallman said in response to my Identity Review:

This is a bad ass movie. I always catch it when it's playing on TV. You pretty much nailed it where it's not so much the death and gruesomeness of the deaths that make this flick scary, but the fact that the "hero" is in utter confusion as he realizes he is not who he thought he was. Good stuff.

Metallman, I too catch this on late night tv every now and again and can't help but stop and watch. I don't even mind the edits and lesser time stamp, this thing is so moody and quite pscyhological. The desperation in Cusack's eyes in the courtroom as he figures it all out is intense and really nerve racking. Great stuff indeed.

thebonebreaker said in response to my Last House on the Left Review:

Superb Review Jorge!!

I too think that a Re-make is not necessarily a bad thing, regarding this film.
[though I have to disagree on shot-by-shot re-makes ~ too me, those are pointless! I would rather see a fresh spin on the original]

On a side note - I agree about folks willingly giving up their freedom without a second thought - now that is scary!

Thank you, thank you! I try to come up with some relevant scary points on these films as they are suppose to induce fear. At least a little bit.

As for the shot by shot re-makes, you're probably right. However, this one has some poor quality edits and shots, and it's probably due in large part to the financing of the film. This had such a weak budget, I mean it cost less than a porno film of that era.

As for my whole freedom thing, it's true everyday. I hate how people are so blind to their freedoms and yet protest the patriot act here in the U.S. Idiots! They need to realize that in the country I'm from originally (Mexico) there are a lot less freedoms and a true disdain for government. Here in the U.S the disdain is just a passing phase.

CaroleMcDonnell said in response to my Primer Review:

that was the hardest film to follow...and all those parallel folks. I really have to try to force myself to sit through it yet another time. -C

It is hard to watch. It's so cerebral and slow at times. It really doesn't hold back anything at all. It really pushes the boundaries of entertainment and really doesn't dumb anything down. If you can't make it through the first two or three times, give up on this one. It's only scary to me because I'm a fan of science fiction, time travel and the likes. Otherwise I'd have thrown in the towel towards the end of this film as it really is a weird resolve.

Ida said in response to my review of The Fly:

A thoughtful review!

I first saw The Fly just a couple of months ago. I've been a Goldblum fan since way back, but this really impressed me. I think, even now, the effects hold up pretty darn well and the concept is very much relevent to todays science. What with all these scientists talking about gene splicing and mixing animals with people... one question immeditately comes to mind, "Have these people not watched The Fly?"

Yeah, this movie is so relevant, and yet no one really takes it as such. It's hard to do so, considering that today people are more worried about a fictitious weak economy than what scientists are doing with research and science in general. Oh well. The effects were pretty cool for the time, and it's been a while since anyone really went back and talked about the Fly in general. Thanks for the comment!

That concludes our latest and greatest From The Mailbag, and I want to thank everyone who has commented on these posts, thank you so much. Keep coming back for more horror reviews. I'm cooking up a themed December post, since it is the holidays, maybe holiday horrors, but I don't know. If you have suggestions let me know, and I'll consider them. If you want to jump in and do a guest post also let me know. If you're in the giving mood use the links found on this site at your disposal, they cost you no extra and they help me out a little. I do mean very little. Like pennies on the dollar.

I'll be on vacation next week, but will have my laptop and have a few reviews on tap, so watch out for those. Thank you again.

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  1. Ah, the Fly! Love that flick. Heartbreaking, though. That's what's scary. I still have not seen last house on the left. Might try next time it pops up. -C

  2. Enjoy your vacation Jorge and have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!



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