Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I Still Buy Horror VHS

Salem's Lot

I’m still on vacation, and probably won’t be posting another solid review until the first of December sometime. I did want to take a few moments to tell you about the great finds that await those of you out there that aren’t snobby about how you get your horror movies. I for one am a true lover of horror movies and like to purchase them often, even if the format isn’t dvd or blu-ray.

Case in Point, I was at a Pawn Shop here in Moscow, Idaho. (on vacation) I ran into a bunch of vhs tapes stacked and selling for about a buck each. Sure, most vhs tapes aren’t worth a second look at all, but there were a few good quality non former rental videos. The first one that I found in near mint condition was an original vhs tape of “Salem’s Lot”. It had the original artwork and looked amazing. It’s hard to keep these originals in good shape, and upon closer examination, I noticed that this was NOT a former rental at all. So I bought it.

My second find was a cool looking vhs tape from the uk for the film “Rituals” and the cover art really sold me on the purchase.

Before I bought these, my family asked why I would buy vhs? I have a dvd and vhs player combo. It ha both inputs in one and for horror movie fans some dvd’s aren’t available right now. Not only that, dvd’s are nice and all but sometimes a vhs tape is just as good if you’re looking for the original cover art, and original edit. Sometimes on dvd you get some greater features, but a good majority of the time I go years before I sit down and hear the commentary on these things.

So today, I want to admonish anyone out there that is on the fence about buying a vhs horror film, go for it. It’s cheap, and still good. I do it often, and don’t really mind. Maybe you won’t either.

I’ll be back the first week of December with our whole month of “HOLIDAY TERROR”.

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  1. Right on Jorge!

    I still have quite a few VHS tapes that aren't even on DVD yet, and for a buck, you really can't go wrong!

  2. As a VHS Junky I could not agree more. I really like to see horror and action flicks on VHS. With the cropped picture, bad sound, and tracking problems, It's like making your home a gindhouse. What's not to love about that?


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