Friday, October 3, 2008

Something is Wrong with Asian Horror Films

I'm not sure what's necessarily wrong with a lot of things, but there is a clear cut problem with a lot of Asian horror films. Films like "The Grudge", "The Ring", "Dark Water", "Shutter" and now "The Uninivited" seem to have deep seeded roots in the death of children or the death of a female who comes back to haunt the living until their story is told and the truth is unraveled. I'm not really sure why the cultural response to horror is to write stories of children getting killed.

I once took an Anthropology class where the teacher talked about how generations past didn't really think children were all that great. Having children, in their minds, was somewhat of a curse or a party stopper.

Is Asian culture frowning on children's deaths? Or are children scary? I know that there's a deep rooted tradition in religious history and Asia's history in general, but it's getting ridiculous now that we are getting yet another film re-make with children haunting adults.

With that said, here is the latest trailer for the remake: The Uninvited

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  1. Another problem is the remake in general.
    Chances are, the original probably did it better.

  2. Another American Re-make of an Asian Horror movie?!? Enough Already!! :-)

    The only Re-Make to get it right was The Ring! (In my opinion, of course)

  3. Children are scary, dead children are scarier. As for Asian horror, for every good one there's a bad one. Watch a bunch of them and there will be a Prom Night remake in there somwhere...

  4. Yeah, it is just too bad that they keep having to rehash these movies.

    Jenn, you're right, children are scary, dead children by far scarier too, but it seems to be a recurring pattern in Asian horror these days and that's something I'd like to see more people discuss.

  5. Dead children are scary as hell. One of the creepiest ghost stories I ever read featured a baby ghost. It never did anything. Just cried and made baby noises but it was scarier than anything else I've ever read.


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