Thursday, October 30, 2008

From The Mail Bag: Ted Bundy Edition

Dracual Hammer Edition

Today I (sir jorge/don jorge) will answer a piece of "mail" which is really just a comment from one of my posts via an extended blog post. It's my way of giving back to the blog that provides me with so many great...oh nevermind.

Jenn of writes in regards to my review of Ted Bundy:

There's been so many Bundy movies released that it gets to the point where you think nothing else can be shown. If I remember right, I think this one came out at the same time as Ed Gein and Dahmer?

Let’s see, there is Ted Bundy on dvd (2005), Ann Rule Presents: The Stranger Besides Me (2005), and the Biography Channel’s Ted Bundy profile on dvd. However, the wikipedia page on Bundy cites an additional movie that was made in 1986 as a two part made for television promotion. So while there has been an apparent overload of the same story, the latest one I reviewed was the most graphic sexually. At many points it did seem that the director reveled in showing the brutal sexuality of Bundy and was almost offensive at times. I still question the actresses involved, because they looked in real pain. That might be a credit to their acting abilities, rather than anything legitimately painful.

Dahmer and Ed Gein seem to share the promotional company behind the Ted Bundy dvd. There’s a box set of their three biopics available as well as another film tied in with John Wayne Gacy’s bio pic as well.

thebonebreaker writes in regards to my review of Rest Stop 2: Don’t Look Back:

This movie does deserve to be dumped upon, as does the 1st one - they are both terrible!

You’re absolutely right. Those two pictures, released straight to dvd by Raw Feed, were horrible. I can’t believe that people make these films, however, in the 80’s we had a lot of bad movies going to theaters and were basically a waste of time for many people investing millions into some of these films. The straight to dvd market sucks, but I wouldn’t say that it was as bad some of the Hammer Films that were coming out back in the day.

That's about it for this edition of "From the Mail Bag". I appreciate all comments placed on this website and appreciate the time you guys spend reading my crappy posts. Tomorrow being the final day in in the month, I'll be posting my death toll of the month alongside links to all the reviews I've done so far.

My halloween plans are simple, they are to watch WWE Smackdown as they are going to have a Casket Match. I know, I'm lame.

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  1. Nice replies - I like the "mail bag" idea :-)

  2. Thanks, I'll keep it up if people keep commenting :)


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