Friday, November 14, 2014

Horns Review

Joe Hill can write. For those that aren’t familiar with who that is, you should know that he’s a stellar writer and he’s the son of Stephen King. My dad was a soccer player, a professional, I can’t kick a soccer ball without falling on my face. I wonder what happened to me? Regardless, Hill wrote a bestseller called “Horns”. I purchased the book in hardcover for my girlfriend when it was released. I found the book at a dollar store in the giant pile of books that no one else wanted to purchase. One dollar well spent, and now the movie is here and it’s relatively close to the writing and I’m impressed with the adaptation.

Sold as a horror movie, this is much more sinister than just straight horror. I looked into the budget and apparently it wasn’t very much. That’s my only major gripe with the film, it looks as though they didn’t have enough money and production was somewhat limited. Other than that, there is some strong components to this film, and it has a lot of layers to unravel. It feels like a coming of age tale at times, and then it goes insane with the notion of the horns that grow from Ig’s head.

Overall, the movie is not as much a horror movie as it has supernatural elements. This is a mystery film and really does well to push the devilish elements that were present in the original book. It’s a solid performing thrill ride as you unravel the pieces and start to realize all that is going on. Daniel Radcliffe’s performance is good, it serves the purpose and he does well through the transitions between scorned lover and serious devil. I liked it.

At the end of the day, this is not a horror movie, it’s lacking some elements. However, it is a deeply disturbing picture that features some horror elements. At one point the gore gets turned up to 11 and you get a nice mix of action thrown in with the drama of love, loss, and more. Overall, the concepts work well enough, and the movie is worth checking out, however, I was a bit disappointed with the lackluster cinematography at times, and pacing. It’s better than most things I’ve seen recently, and definitely worth picking up for cheap.

Pick up Horns by Joe Hill here, and check out the blu ray here.

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