Saturday, November 1, 2014

Buy More Horror Movies

Yesterday was Halloween, and while millions of people were in the streets, I was not. I was at a bar, then I was at a book store and realized that I’m getting old and have no friends. It is what it is, but I did find myself looking through a lot of horror novels while drinking coffee and thinking about the future of this site. I have opened up the doors to advertising, and am working on finding other options to help build some sort of interest here. One option that is never going to go away is to buy more horror movies from amazon.

Seriously, Buy More

If you’re going to spend any money via Amazon, you should check out the links that I have in the reviews and through the sidebar. When you shop for more horror movies via amazon, the site gets a small kickback. It’s very small, but it helps me keep writing and keep watching horror movies.

If you like what I’m doing, and you want to support the cause, you can either shop via the links, or you can visit and order a $5 gig. When ordering just write in the details that it’s a donation for Scary Film Review, it’s that simple.

More reviews are coming, but for now, why not buy more horror movies? It can’t hurt to ask right? Click here and see what’s available. There’s a TON of blu ray discs out there, so go for it while I get to the reviewing and writing of more movies.

Looking for grindhouse, horror, or sci-fi films? Please check out our amazon astore featuring all things horror. Don't trust astore? Check out, surprisingly they have more grindhouse,horror,and rare sci-fi than you may not have thought possible.

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